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(TNS)—Like the holiday pounds, credit card debt doesn’t just melt away—especially after the latest binge. The cold reality is credit card debt hit a record $1.02 trillion in November, according to figures released by the Federal Reserve. And Americans racked up on average $1,054 in debt to treat others—and, frankly, themselves—during the holiday season, according […]

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1/18/2018 3:19:20 PM

(TNS)—Do you have a checking account? What should you do if you sent a check to someone and it hasn’t arrived weeks later? If you’re worried that it may have been lost or stolen, it’s critical you cancel it, or stop payment, as soon as possible. Here are the steps to cancel a check—and what […]

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1/15/2018 2:48:38 PM

(Family Features)—When it’s time for a bathroom or kitchen upgrade, some of the greatest inspiration may come from another time entirely. Some of the most on-trend styles of today are actually throwbacks to bygone eras. Learn how to make your updated spaces pay tribute to re-emerging trends and add your own modern touches with these […]

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1/10/2018 3:18:17 PM

Are you interested in adding a little seasonal oomph to your space? Below are a handful of cozy—and inexpensive—winter updates. Cozy blankets galore. Nothing is better than a snuggly blanket on a cool winter evening. Drape heavier blankets over sofas, chairs or reading nooks, and even fold one up by the fireplace for stretching out on […]

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1/9/2018 3:02:48 PM

(TNS)—Q: In our condo association we don’t have enough people who want to serve on the board of directors to fill all of the seats necessary under our documents. What can we do? –Tom A: Owner apathy is probably the most significant issue facing community associations. For your community to run properly, enough of your […]

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1/5/2018 11:00:21 PM

Today’s Ask the Expert column features Adam Long, president of HomeTeam Inspection Service. Q: What can be done to guide clients through the home inspection process? A: After being in business for 25 years and performing over a million inspections, HomeTeam Inspection Service has identified the top ways to ensure a smoother home inspection, contributing […]

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12/25/2017 3:01:40 PM

(TNS)—If you’re fed up with high bank fees, poor service and low interest rates, you may want to switch banks. There was a time when choosing a bank was not hard. “You used to just decide if you wanted to get a toaster or a microwave when you opened a new account, or go to […]

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12/21/2017 3:25:24 PM

Thanks to a myriad of ads, promotions and persuasive marketing ploys, buying a new mattress can be confusing. But when you get right down to it, there are basically three common mattress types: Innerspring – Composed of steel coils in various configurations, these are the most traditional and most widely sold mattresses. Most have between 600 […]

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12/18/2017 3:15:28 PM

We once met a woman who loved to clean house. She said it gave her a feeling of accomplishment. For many, however, it’s a thankless chore, and the sooner done, the better. Consumer editors at Woman’s Day Magazine and the DIY Network offer seven ways to save time and money and still keep your home […]

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12/1/2017 11:00:35 PM

(TNS)—Opening a savings account is easy, but committing to savings? Now that can be hard. From struggling to find places where you can reduce spending to falling into the temptation of instant retail gratification, saving money can be really challenging. “You really have to know yourself and discipline yourself if you’re going to be an […]

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11/17/2017 11:00:40 PM