1% Listings!

Everyone Wants Value for their Money.

The Sale of Your Home.

Lori and I have teamed up to offer unprecidented savings on the sale of your home and the purchase of the next.  We're talking a paycut just to help you sell your home and retain more of your equity for your next home.

Quite simpley, we are taking listings with our listing commission set at 1%.  That's a savings of 2% over the standard.  See the chart below to see how much more potential equity you will keep .

Discount Amount

Because we need to pay for advertizing and other marketing materials, for any home that is less than $500,000 our commission will remain level at $5,000.  

The second half of any listing is how much you will pay the Realtor or agent that brings the buyer.  The typical amount is 3%.  However, many listings during the past boom market were seen with 2.5% even 2%.  With the current market of large inventory and few buyers, it is imperative that you offer the standard 3% to the buyers agent.  Your home will get view more often.

You might ask yourself how our Summer Spectacular Savings is any different than other listings that total 4%.  Easy, we spell out in the contract how much we get for listing the home and how much the agent gets who brings in the buyer.  Often other companies will simply state 4% then put your home on the market offering the buyers agent 2% or 2.5%.  If you want to sell your home in the most resonable time possible, you need to offer the buyers agent enough incentive to reccommend view your property.  3% insures you won't be overlooked.

We are NOT a "Cafe Services" brokerage.  We offer full service including advanced technological marketing, professional signage and flyers, open houses, advertising and more.  We work hard for you!


The Purchase of Your New Home

If you are not moving out of the San Diego area, you will probably be looking for a new home.  We would like to be your agents and represent you on any home you have an interest in that is located between the boarder and lower Temecula.  When you are purchasing a new home you don't pay us.. the sellers do.  We will help you negotiate the best price possible and any concessions the seller may give to you.

We will also will give you up to $3,000 at close of escrow to use for any purpose you want, closing costs, paying off debt, a new flat screen tv... what ever!  And, you'll have the experience working with the most professional and enjoyable Realtor / Lender team on your side.  To qualify for the $3,000 you need to use Lori and Windsor Capital Mortgage's 400+ lender base to obtain your new loan. 

You don't have to lock yourself into using Windsor.  You are free to shop the loan.  But getting the right loan for your current and future plans, it's important you work with a professional.  Even if you choose another lender, Lori would be happy to educate you on the specifics of the loan that is being offered to you.  You won't receive the $3,000 but you will have piece of mind knowing a third party helped validate the loan you did choose.

Is this a fair and equitable offer?  You Bet!  Will you like working with us?  We think so.  The vast majority of our past clients prefer to work with us again and again.  They depend on us for advice and counsel knowing we give them 110% of our efforts.  So give us a call, see if you like us then make the decision to work with a couple that will definately work for you.