Pre-Qualificaton Questions

Thanks for taking the interest to look here.  Don't let what follows keep you from calling.  If you want, stop right here and call Lori or I.  We've found may people know most of the answers off the top of their head. 

Although I've listed a fair amount of questions, the bottom line is to be qualified accurately.  Lori needs to know total income before taxes and total outgoing debt.  I've split the questions into two catagories becuase they are treated a little differently, W-2 income earners and 1099 or self employed earners.  If you want, print this page and use it to write notes on.  If a Stated Income loan is best for you then the list gets much shorter. 


Income Stuff

Last years gross income.

This years, year-to-date gross income - if you are paid by the month or every two weeks or hourly you can give Lori those numbers and she'll be able to calculate from there.

Are you receiving any court ordered child support payments?  How much is the monthly payment?

Getting any alimony?

Debt Stuff

List your credit cards with an outstanding balance.  Just the card type, outstanding balance and what the credit card company wants as a minimum payment, not what you normally give them.  Don't forget the Target, JC Penny, Home Depot cards.

Car Payments?  How many and how much are they.  If you're getting close to paying something off include the balance of that one too.

Are you paying and court mandated alimony or child support payments?

Since Lori won't be pulling a credit report at this point, she will want to know what your impression of your credit history is and if you've had an 30 day lates in the last 12 months or a bankruptsy.  She has a loan for almost any situation so don't hold back.

1099 - Self Employed

All of the above applies to you if you are self employed, with the exception of the income side of things.

What kind of work do you do?

How long have you been doing it by yourself?

Did you do this work previously with another employer?

What was your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) last year?

Did you have any depreciation?

If so, how much was it?